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Tim Farthing
Owner, PokerPlayer Magazine (People Like You Publishing)

"Wow – if only we’d spoken to Richard about his Funnel Engine business a long time ago. Richard’s ability to increase our conversions to sign ups and then to integrate a new customer communication program is superb and has really helped."
Custom Sales Funnel Testimonial from Dr Greg at newmindnewbody.com
Why Are We The Best Funnel Consulting Experts?
I Have Built Over 150 Funnels For Our Own Businesses & For Clients
On our team we have...
  • The best funnel designers - we continually study the best funnel design so you don't have to
  • The best sales copywriters - we only use the very best sales copywriters to pursade your audience to take action
  • The best funnel builders - we only hire the best funnel builders to setup and optimize everything perfectly
  • The best funnel strategists - we know how to stack a funnel to put together the best 'value ladder' of products that translates into the best ROI for you
Richard Patey, Founder
Our Team Are Certified Funnel Experts
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